2024 Chevy Cruze Rumor Model, Price, Release Date

2024 Chevy Cruze Rumor Model, Price, Release Date – It’s possible that the car I saw was a Chevrolet Cruze. Is there anything you can do about your relatives who still use a midsize SUV from the turn of the last century? You’ve made an excellent case. For the 2024 model year, it is expected that the Cruze, a small crossover, will sell more than the Fiesta.

Chevrolet rebranded the Trax as the Equinox in the United States to appeal to consumers’ desire to harken back to a more innocent era. The 2017 Buick Encore GX is based on the same platform as the Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos, and Mazda CX-30. The Cruze is in the same class as these vehicles.

Instead of choosing between a six-cylinder and a Corvette V8, the new 2024 Chevy Cruze is offered with just two turbocharged three-cylinder engines.

Although the most powerful 1.3-liter engine only produces 155 horsepower, a CVT or nine-speed automatic transmission may be able to transfer a great deal of torque to the rear wheels.

2024 Chevy Cruze Redesign
2024 Chevy Cruze Redesign

2024 Chevy Cruze Redesign

Since its inception for the American market in 2010, when the 2024 Chevrolet Cruze was introduced, the car hasn’t undergone many alterations. Today, satellite radio is standard equipment on even the most affordable models, and trailering accessories are increasingly helpful extras. A heated steering wheel is another 2017 addition, and it comes standard on some but not all model levels. New exterior paint color options will also be available to painters this year.

If you didn’t know better, you might confuse it for a Kia Seltos or a Hyundai Venue. This might be good news, given that the company’s Korean rivals are often seen as being ahead of the fashion curve. All models, with the exception of the Activ and RS variants, are outfitted with narrow halogen headlights as standard. Premium vehicles typically have LEDs installed in their rear lamps.

2024 Chevy Cruze Interior
2024 Chevy Cruze Interior

Interior Design

The inside is a pleasant surprise, especially in the higher-end Cruze variants. The show is still worth seeing even if you can find similar products for a lower price elsewhere. You won’t feel like you’re driving a Tupperware container as you could in a Honda HR-V.

Sure, the Chevy falls short there, but there are alternatives like the Kia Seltos to consider. We think the public areas are very well utilized by the interior design. Not as good as the HR-V in terms of back seat capacity, but still passable.

That this vehicle offers marginally more front legroom than usual is unlikely to impact anyone’s choice to purchase it. The LS comes standard with a six-way manual seat, while the LT and higher come with ten-way power seats.

This model’s front seats can be heated to whichever degree you like. Seats in the back provide a spacious 39.4 inches of legroom.

Engine Performance

Chevrolet offers four distinct Cruze models, each with two engine options and two transmission ratios. Trimming can affect settings, and some options are only available in certain file types. The LT can be equipped with a manual transmission and a 1.3-liter engine that generates 138 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. The LS, on the other hand, has a CVT as standard equipment.

A nine-speed automatic transmission, in conjunction with all-wheel drive, outperforms the more popular CVT. The 155 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque come from the turbocharged 1.3-liter engine. Turbo lag is present in both machines, but the high amounts of torque in the torque sweet spot in the middle of the rev range allow for rapid acceleration.

Both the manual and the CVT transmissions we tried in the Buick Encore GX were great matches for the car’s 1.3-liter engine. The CVT’s swift shifts and smooth performance make the most of the engine’s modest output. The Cruze RS’s disappointing nine-speed automatic was a significant letdown for us. This causes some of the transmission’s nine gear ratios to mismatch the power band of the car.

Except in frigid regions, the FWD-CVT layout is the best option. The 1.3-liter turbo engine with CVT and FWD produces 29/31/31 mpg, which is better than the 28/34/30 EPA estimates for the Honda HR. When the 1.2-liter turbo is included, the best fuel economy among these vehicles falls to 29/31 highway/city mpg.

The all-wheel drive version gets 26/30/28 mpg thanks to its 1.3-liter engine and nine-speed automated transmission. When complete, a vehicle with a 3.7-gallon tank can go 410 miles, whereas a car with a 13.2-gallon tank can travel 370 miles.

2024 Chevy Cruze Price
2024 Chevy Cruze Price

2024 Chevy Cruze Release Date and Price

The Cruze LS has a starting MSRP of about $21,600, which is less than the starting MSRPs of its main competitors. The base price of an LT with front-wheel drive is $23,800, while an Activ with all-wheel purpose adds $2,500. The RS package is the only other choice, and it will set you back $25,700. Each model includes the possibility for an upgrade to an all-wheel drive. The additional $2,000 for the necessary 1.3-liter engine with all-wheel drive Price increases of $750 and $1,500, respectively, are incurred when adding AWD to the RS and Activ 1.3L LT. Shipping and handling costs of $1,195 are not reflected in the listed prices.