What Happens If You Are Caught Without Car Insurance in the UK?

Car insurance is compulsory in the UK, but unfortunately sometimes people do not adhere to the law. If someone is found via a routine check or worse because they have been involved in an accident not to have any car insurance type then there can be some quite serious consequences.

If you have caused an accident and are not insured then you could become liable for the cost of any damage caused to another vehicle or property, as well as compensation for anyone who was injured as a result.

More seriously however, you have committed a criminal offence by even allowing a vehicle to be on a road or in a public place without insurance and the consequences for this can be harsh.

You don’t even actually have to be driving the car for an offence to have been committed, the car could be parked or stationary, or you could have allowed someone else to drive, it doesn’t matter – you still have to have insurance or make sure that another driver is insured to drive it.
If you are taken to court and subsequently found guilty of not having insurance then the penalties can include a fine of up to £5000, having between 6 and 8 points added to your driving license and even a driving ban for 28 days or more if you are a repeat offender. You do not have to be taken to court; some Police forces issue a Fixed Penalty notice of 6 points and a £200 fine.

These penalties can still be applied even if the lack of insurance was not your fault or you were not aware of it so it is absolutely essential that you take full responsibility for ensuring that your vehicle is covered to avoid anything like this happening to you.

What Happens If You Are Caught Without Car Insurance in the UK?
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