Car Insurance for Young Drivers, Protect your Child!

It’s every parents nightmare- their teenager gets to drive, and to the teenage it’s their first glimpse at ‘freedom” how little do we know that comes with a teen and young driver.

One of the things that my mother pushed when I was learning to drive was main ting good grade, being A’s and B’s. Because of the policy she had signed up for there were many things I had to do or sacrifice, but stacking it all up cut her cost tremendously as it was said. When a high school student can maintain good grade, above average many insurance companies will offer discounts or price cuts for the young driver/ driver-in training being responsible and maintain those good grades. Commonly main ting these grade will result in a 25% rate cut.

Another key feature is to complete a driver’s education coarse. Most if not all high school in the states now offer some form of a drivers education class in which the student has to pass two forms of test, both a written and actual driving test to judge their talents and knowledge. If a student can pass the written test with the proper score as set by the state in sync with passing a driving test, most insurance companies will offer a cut by upwards of 15%.

Some classic tricks companies will pull with young drivers are assigning them to the most valuable of cars a family owns. This will not only increase the price of the car insurance package as well as the students. It may take reading the fine printing and negotiation with your agent to have the student assigned to the car they will probably more realistically be driving, as well as the one that can have more damage taken to it to avoid these cost.

In combination having a higher deductible, getting the young driver assigned to that older car, and having minimal to no collision reports over a certain time frame will automatically adjust that rate for your plan. Though it’s hard to keep your driver from getting in a collision, enforcing safety- wearing seatbelts, following all traffic rules, being a cooper able as possible may show up on records if anything were to happen, i.e. a collision to show up on your insures records. With these safe practices followed and used can get minimal accidents waved from records and rate spikes.

There are many things that insurance companies offer to lower rates of a young driver, but no matter what they offer because of the liability claims there will always be higher rates- time and patience with young drivers as well as your insurance company, following the guidelines and enforcing traffic safety will mend and reduce those rates.

Car Insurance for Young Drivers, Protect your Child!
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